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Truman State University is exploring the possibility of expanding the period between the end of the Fall Semester and the start of the Spring Semester in order to create an expanded Winter Interim or January Term.  The goal of such a calendar change would be to create a space for offering full-sized courses to help students explore topics not generally available during regular semesters (such as domestic study away courses or special topics), focus on one or two courses intensely to boost the GPA, maintain scholarship eligibility, successfully complete prerequisites, or create openings in their regular semester schedule for meeting other requirements.

Such terms are common at other universities, but are currently underused at Truman.  

This survey asks you to help us understand your level of interest in creating such a term, as well as helping us determine what kind of courses would be of interest to you.

Please complete the survey questions to the best of your ability.  There will be an opportunity for open-ended feedback at the end of the survey.  

Survey responses will be collected through Sunday, November 15, 2020.
*How likely would you be to take one or more courses during a special term positioned between the end of the Fall Semester and Spring Semester?
Highly Unlikely
Highly Likely